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Elective otological healthcare under COVID-19 contaminations risks

Emilie Lavrysen, Annick Gilles, Griet Mertens, Nader Saki, Olivier M. Vanderveken, Vincent Van Rompaey, Vedat Topsakal

(B-ENT 2020; 16: 73-80) DOI: 10.5152/B-ENT.2020.20207

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Quality standards for adult cochlear implantation in single-sided deafness and asymmetric hearing loss

Dayse Távora-Vieira, Gunesh Rajan, Paul Van de Heyning, Griet Mertens

(B-ENT 2020; 16: 209-216) DOI: 10.5152/B-ENT.2021.20172

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Minimal outcome measurements in pediatric cochlear implant users: a consensus paper

Griet Mertens, Anouk Hofkens, Paul Van de Heyning, Vincent Van Rompaey, An Boudewyns, Maria Fernanda Di Gregorio, Robert H. Eikelboom, Roberta Marino, Anja Kurz, Heike Kühn, Wafaa Shehata-Dieler, Artur Lorens, Sasidharan Pulibalathingal, Ranjith Rajeswaran, Dayse Tavora-Vieira, Sandra R. Bellekom, Vedat Topsakal

(B-ENT 2021; 17: 110-120) DOI: 10.5152/B-ENT.2021.20195

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