Traumatic nasal abscess concomitant with sinusitis: a case report


Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital 4th ENT Clinic, Ankara, Turkey

B-ENT 2009; 5: 277-281
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Traumatic nasal abscess concomitant with sinusitis: a case report. Problems/Objectives: Nasal septal abscesses are usually formed following nasal trauma or haematoma. A nasal septal abscess is defined as a collection of purulent material (pus) between the cartilage or bony septum and the mucoperichondrium or mucoperiosteum. Sinusitis and periorbital cellulites have been reported among the etiological factors and the complications.

Methodology: A case of posttraumatic nasal septal abscess is reported in a 35-year old male patient.

Results: Frontal, ethmoid, and sphenoid sinusitis, as well as periorbital cellulites were seen to accompany the septal abscess. The abscess was surgically drained and intravenous antibiotherapy was instituted.

Conclusion: Nasal trauma patients should be carefully assessed for posttraumatic haematoma and abscess formation, so that possible complications can be avoided by taking appropriate therapeutic measures.

EISSN 2684-4907