Carcinoma of the external auditory canal: histological and treatment groups
S. Hosokawa, K. Mizuta, G. Takahashi, J. Okamura, Y. Takizawa, K. Hosokawa, T. Yamatodani and H. Mineta
Department of Otorhinolaryngology/ Head & Neck Surgery, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan
External auditory canal; carcinoma; survival analysis; surgical procedure; chemoradiotherapy
259 - 264
Carcinoma of the external auditory canal: histological and treatment groups. Objective: Evaluation of the clinical and pathological factors associated with the treatment and outcomes of external auditory canal (EAC) carcinomas. Methodology: A retrospective review of clinical and pathological analysis was performed on 23 patients who were histologically diagnosed with EAC carcinomas and treated at Hamamatsu University hospital. We evaluated the clinical staging, treatment methods, pathological diagnosis (particularly squamous cell carcinoma, SCC), and patient outcomes. Main outcome measures include staging, treatment procedures, pathological features, and estimated survival rates. Results: The 5-year overall survival (OS) of study participants was 75.2% and the 10-year OS was 60.2% using the Kaplan-Meier method. The prognosis for SCC was poor compared with other carcinomas (p=0.0462). The prognoses for SCC patients after treatment with surgery alone and after postoperative radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy were significantly better than for patients with unresectable tumours (p=0.0004 and p=0.0001, respectively). There was no significant difference among the four tumour stage groups. Information about patients survival status was obtained after a median follow-up period of 57.5 months (range, 7-151 months). Conclusion: Our survival analysis data for carcinoma of the EAC demonstrates that SCC and unresectable cases are associated with poor outcomes. Outcomes for patients with operable disease more closely parallel the survival curves of patients with advanced stage T4 disease. Patients with SCC should be strictly categorized as cases with severe disease.
Vol. 10, 2014, 4th trimester

Carcinoma of the external auditory canal: histological and treatment groups