Clarithromycin induced reversible sensorineural hearing loss
J. K. Hajiioannou , V. Florou , P. Kousoulis , M. Fragkos and E. Moshovakis 1 2
ENT Department of General Hospital of Nikea, Piraeus, Greece; O bstetrics & Gynaecology Department of General Hospital “Papageorgiou”, Thessaloniki, Greece
Chemically induced hearing loss; macrolides; erythromycin; clarithromycin; adverse effects; drug toxicity
127 - 130
Clarithromycin induced reversible sensorineural hearing loss. Objective: We present a rare case of reversible sensorineural hearing loss caused by clarithromycin. Methods: We present a case report of hearing loss following clarithromycin administration; we also review the current literature and case reports concerning macrolides and, in particular, clarithromycin induced hearing loss. Results: A young pregnant woman presented with sensorineural hearing loss after clarithromycin intake. The subject’s hearing returned to normal limits after drug discontinuation and short-term treatment with low dose steroids. Conclusion: Newer macrolides are considered to be safer regarding ototoxic effects, and a few cases have been previously described. The present case adds to the body of knowledge concerning clarithromycin ototoxicity. Clinicians should be aware of this rare complication and a thorough otologic history should be established prior to macrolide administration. A baseline audiogram and close observation for patients at higher risk is suggested to identify patients with prior hearing loss and serve as baseline for future reference.
Vol. 7, 2011, 2nd trimester

Clarithromycin induced reversible sensorineural hearing loss