Osteoma of the sphenoid sinus
P. Strek*, O. Zagólski*, A. Wywia**, E. Sacha***and M. Pasowicz**
*Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University, 2 niadeckiech St., Kraków, Poland; **Department of Magnetic Resonance, John Paul IIs Hospital, 80 Pra dnicka St., Kraków, Poland; ***Department of Ophthalmology, L. Rydygiers Hospital, 1 os. Zotej Jesieni, Kraków, Poland
Osteoma; paranasal sinuses; endoscopic sinus surgery
39 - 41
Osteoma of the sphenoid sinus. Objective : Only twenty cases of osteomas of the sphenoid sinus have been reported. This tumour causes progressively worsening headaches and visual disturbance and should be resected when symptomatic or fast-growing. In selected cases, endoscopic sinus surgery offers an effective alternative to open proce- dures. Case report: The authors report a case of sphenoid osteoma in a 19-year old woman. Computed tomography performed because of complaints of progressively worsening headaches identified a large osteoma of the sphenoid sinus. The clini- cal features and radiological assessment of the disease are presented together with a review of the literature. Results: The endoscopic technique used for resection of the tumour gave a very good result. Conclusion: Sphenoid osteoma is an extremely rare lesion which can be approached endoscopically in selected cases.
Vol. 1, 2005, 1st trimester

Osteoma of the sphenoid sinus