Rhinosinusitis in children
P. A. R. Clement* and S. Vlaminck**
*Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Academic Hospital, Free University Brussels (A.Z.-V.U.B.), Brussels; **Department of Otolaryngology, St. Jan General Hospital, Bruges
Consensus; paediatric sinusitis; management
59 - 68
Rhinosinusitis in children.The definition of rhinosinusitis (RS) in children is based here on category IV reports. The diagnosis of RS is mainly made on clinical grounds helped by endoscopic investigation. Indications for additional investigation and radiological examination are outlined. Medical treatment with antibiotics is advised when bacterial infections and complications are present. There is insufficient evidence for the use of antibiotics for uncomplicated com- mon colds in children. The strength of evidence for recommendations is mainly A-based, unless otherwise specified. There is a paucity of studies (with a rather low numbers of participants) in children. The absolute and relative indications for surgical intervention are outlined. Decisional algorithms are presented for acute and chronic rhinosinusitis in children.
Suppl. 6, 2007

Rhinosinusitis in children