Sudden sensorineural hearing loss: when ophthalmology meets otolaryngology
S. Karelle , L. Demanez , P. F. Zangerle , P. Blaise , G. Moonen and A. L. Poirrier
ENT Department, CHR-Citadelle, Liege, Belgium; E NT Department, CHU-Liege, Liege, Belgium; D epartment of heumatology, IFAC Hospital, Marche, Belgium; De6artment of Ophthalmology, CHU-Liege, Liege, Belgium; Department of Neurology, CHU-Liege, Liege, Belgium; ENT Department, CHU Mont-Godinne, UCL, Yvoir, Belgium
Encephalopathy; hearing loss; retinal artery occlusion; Susacs syndrome; Sicret syndrome
135 - 139
Sudden sensorineural hearing loss: when ophthalmology meets otolaryngology. Objectives: Sudden sen- sorineural hearing loss is a perplexing entity in otology. Susacs syndrome (also called retinocochleocerebral vasculopa- thy) is a rare disorder that consists of microangiopathyof the brain, retina, and inner ear, and usually affectswomen in young adulthood. We describe the clinical aspects, radiographic findings, and management of one such case. Case report: A 30-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital because of sudden onset of bilateral deafness and headache. During her hospitalization, she developed discrete right hemiparesis and hypoesthesia. Results: Magneticresonance imaging revealed multiple signal hyperintensities and atrophy of the corpus callosum. The differential diagnosis was a myelinating condition, such as multiple sclerosis or acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis. Conclusion: Retinal fluorescein angiography helped the diagnosis of Susacs syndrome.
Vol. 8, 2012, 2nd trimester

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss: when ophthalmology meets otolaryngology