Transoral robotic surgery for base of tongue neoplasms
I. Sayin, R. Fakhoury, V. M. N Prasad, M. Remacle and G. Lawson
Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, CHU Dinant Godinne, 5530 Yvoir, Belgium
Transoral robotic surgery; base of tongue; unknown primary; benign; malignant; neoplasm
45 - 50
Transoral robotic surgery for base of tongue neoplasms. Surgery to the base of tongue (BOT) in the presence of neoplasm is a challenging topic for head and neck surgeons. This area is difficult to access and includes important neurovascular structures such as the hypoglossal nerve and lingual artery. The pivotal role of the tongue base in swallowing makes planning the surgical approach more challenging. The surgical approaches vary from open neck/mandibulotomy to transoral laser surgery (TLS) which have significant disadvantages. After introduction of transoral robotic surgery (TORS) to otolaryngology practice with the da Vinci Surgical system, we have in our armamentarium a new approach to the BOT. The improved exposure with new retractors, 3-dimensional (3-D) visualization and magnification and advanced motioncapacityallowforincreasedeasetoperformsurgeryinthisdifficultarea.Inrecentyears,severalarticlespublished the data about safety and feasibility of TORS for various conditions. This article presents our approach to the BOT for neoplasms including malignant and benign lesions.
Suppl. 24, 2015

Transoral robotic surgery for base of tongue neoplasms