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Ear, nose, and throat service during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study

Nicolas Peigneux, Lionel J. Benchimol, Guillaume Bendavid, Marie Detroz, Chloe Marecaux, Laurence Pottier, Marc Samaha, Philippe P. Lefebvre, Anne-Lise Poirrier

(B-ENT 2020; 16: 182-186) DOI: 10.5152/B-ENT.2021.20183

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Ethmoid Schwannoma: about the management of a rare tumor of sinonasal cavities manifested by an orbital complication

Florence Rogister, Nicolas Peigneux, Sophie Tombu, Antoine Vanderperren, Philippe Lefebvre, Joan Somja, Anne-Lise Poirrier

(B-ENT 2021; 17: 260-263) DOI: 10.5152/B-ENT.2021.20187

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Ability to Drive in Patients with Dizziness: The Belgian Perspective

Vincent Van Rompaey, Thomas Somers, Naima Deggouj, Sebastien Janssens de Varebeke, Philippe Lefebvre, Vedat Topsakal

(B-ENT 2022; 18: 110-113) DOI: 10.5152/B-ENT.2022.21193

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